How to get real lasting changes fast

Have you ever heard a song and it made you feel the way you did when you first heard it? I bet, if you think about that song right now you can have those feelings. Its like the memory button on your car radio. Press the button and the station plays. We all have lots of those buttons. Some of the buttons give us desirable feelings we need for success. We have some buttons we didn't program and don't want. The solution is simple, reprogram the buttons.

  • Think of a time you have the undesired feeling.
  • Describe the process that leads to the feeling. What happens leading to the feeling?
  • Describe the physical sensations of the feelings.
  • Experience the feelings with different part of the brain.
  • Connect new feelings to the experience. "reprogram the button"
  • Learn new ways of acting, now that you can choose how to respond.

Session with Pam

Pam is a successful author and former military officer. She's suffered from anxiety for most of her life. It's affected her relationships, career, and life. After one 22 minute session the anxiety was completely gone. A year later, she has started a new business in a different state that she enjoys much more.

In her words, "I think the session was a part of a huge shift. The combination of it and other things have had a positive lasting effect. I'm a satisfied customer and continue to recommend to others."

Sessions available in person or through video conference. Flexible times. Confidentiality assured.